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Once an ESOL student myself, I am now strongly committed to helping adult newcomers in our community.  This site will serve as a supplemental aid to textbook objectives and will allow students and educators of Intermediate English to navigate beyond the constraints of the traditional classroom setting.

So, let's get started!


Learning Resources

Dictionary and Thesaurus


Parts of Speech


Minimal Pairs



U.S.A. Learns

Cambridge Interchange Arcade

Oxford University Press - Natural English

Websites and Mouse/Keyboard Practice for ESL Students


Miami Dade College


Kendall Campus - Community Education

Kendall Campus - Learning Resources

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Career Services

Career Planning and Resume Builder


Community Resources

Miami Dade Public Library System

Miami Dade Transit

Miami Dade Drivers License

Miami-Dade County

Florida State Info

Primary Care Centers (Jackson Health System)

Free Health Clinics (Baptist Health South Florida)

Florida Healthy Kids

New clinic provides primary care for Miami's most vulnerable

Daisy, Growing

Please write with any questions or comments.