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College Life and Verb Tense Review


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This page will acquaint you with different resources, courses and programs around campus.  In addition, you will review the present and future tenses as well as correlative conjunctions.

Miami Dade College


Kendall Campus - Community Education

Kendall Campus - Learning Resources

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Career Services

Career Planning and Resume Builder


Listening and Reading



"Computers in the Classroom"

"Google It"


Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab:

"English Language Center"

"Where Are You From?"

"Tell Me About Yourself"

"College Life"

"College Textbooks"



Simple Present

Present Continuous

Present Simple or Continuous

Simple/Continuous Exercise 1

Simple/Continuous Exercise 2

Simple/Continuous Exercise 3

Simple/Continuous Exercise 4


Simple Future

Simple Future - Will and Be Going to Exercise 1

Simple Future - Will and Be Going to Exercise 2

Simple Future - Will and Be Going to Exercise 3

Quiz - Future with (be) going to


Correlative Conjunctions 3 Lectures with Exercises