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Rules / Requirements and Modals


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This page will introduce you to citizenship requirements and the laws and regulations affecting immigrants in the United States.  Also, you will practice the use of modal verbs to express necessity or to grant authorization, and you will read about appropriate behaviors at work.

Daisy, Growing

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Citizenship Links

Listening and Reading

English for Work (8 professions)

"Business Workplace Videos"

"Dress for Success"

"Work Dress Code"


"Voting Machines Go Through More Testing"

"Team Player"

"Officers May Be Required to Workout"


Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab:

"Immigration and Customs"

"Job Hunting"

"Saturday's Chores"


Unit 4 Vocabulary Quiz


Modal Use:  to give or request permission



English Grammar Lessons:

Exercise 1

Exercise 2


Modal Use:  necessity

Must and Have To with Exercises (9)

Long Beach City College ESL Dept.:

Quiz 1: Does Not Have To vs. Must Not

Quiz 2: Does Not Have To vs. Must Not