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Staying Healthy and Modals (cont.)


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This page will discuss the different components of a healthy lifestyle:  adequate healthcare, exercise and good nutrition.  Also, we continue working with modals to express possibility or certainty, and introduce "used to" to describe past habits or situations.

Daisy, Growing

Primary Care Centers (Jackson Health System)

Free Health Clinics (Baptist Health South Florida)

Florida Healthy Kids

New clinic provides primary care for Miami's most vulnerable


Listening and Reading


"Alzheimer's Disease"

"Body Scan"

"Healthy Families"

"Patient Rights"

"Woman has Meningitis"


Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab:

"Medical Advice: What's the Matter?"

"A Healthy Lifestyle"

"Exercise Program"

"Dental Care"

"Friendly Dental Care"

"Personal Health Problems"

"Cancer Treatment"


Unit 5 Vocabulary Quiz


Modal Use:  possiblity

May/Might with Exercises (4)

Could with Exercises (6)


Modal Use:  certainty


English Grammar Secrets:

Exercise 1


Used to

English Grammar Secrets:

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

For Health Professionals:

Medical Terminology